Terry from Fareham "Benji is very fidgity and doesnt sit still for 5 minutes . im impressed nat can keep him still long enough to give him a bath and hair cut and his coat smells lovely once hes finished" 

Nicky from Bitterne "Holley is a playful 2 year old springer spaniel and im very pleased with the confident manner that nat has with control of my dog to obtain a lovely hair cut and holley loves the ear cleaning gel she uses!" 

Peter from Bitterne "my 16 year old Labrador nails were so long they had started to curl and crumble. im really pleased in nat's confident manner in cutting bishops nails he is now able to walk more flat footed and is alot more confortable on his paws!!" 

Judith in Southampton "I always get Nat to groom my cavalier king charles spaniel before i take her to a dog show . Jasmine has won rossettes on the last 3 shows i have taken her to, thanks to Nat getting all the matts out the day before!" 

Alison from Southampton "Bella my goldendoodle loves playing in mud and puddles on the common. I took her to Nats to see if she would like the challenge of grooming Bella.Bella has since been back and enjoys her visits and smells lovely when she leaves Nat at "spotless Dogs""