Fully qualified and insured dog groomer

Spotless Dogs is a friendly dog grooming service based around Nursling in Southampton. UK. 

Offering many grooming services for all shapes and sizes of dogs.

Dog Grooming in Nursling, Southampton


What my service includes:

  • High quality grooming service with patience & gentle care with your pet
  • Assessment with client to establish how YOU would like your dog groomed
  • De matt coats prior to bathing to ensure knot free
  • Ear cleaning / Plucking
  • Nail trimming
  • Clipping / Feathering / Trimming coats
  • Bathing with high quality shampoos

Please note: all dogs are dried by hand using a tornado dryer blaster that has several heat and speed settings to adjust to what ever your pet tolerates. No cage dryers are used and your pet has 100% of my attention during its grooming session.

Spotless Dogs - Dog grooming is located at 29 Hillyfields, Nursling, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 0XP. See the Location page for a map.

 ****25th May 2018 - the new GDPR ****

The General Data Protection Regulations Privacy Law is changing, this means you'll have more control over how your data is used.

If you wish me not to keep your details at Spotless Dogs then please contact us. If you wish me to keep your record card details (e.g. name, address, phone numbers and your doggies details) and also use your dogs photos/video for our page and in advertising, we need your written consent.

Please could you drop us a message or pop in to sign a consent form.

Thank You.