Pricing from a Fully Insured Dog Groomer

If you would like your dog pampered then please make an appointment. Call 07876 786467 and bring along to:-

Spotless Dogs, 

29 hillyfields, Nursling

Southampton SO16 OXP

Note:- if i am unable to take your call its most likely i'm grooming a pet so please leave a message & i will call you back. 

Bath & Brush

Includes bath & blow dry with Tornado 93 combi dryer, trim nails & paw pads & ear cleaning

Small breed £21 Med breed £27 Large breed £37 

Bath & Trim

Includes as above & light trim i.e. head, tail, legs, and ears with use of scissors

Small Breed £26 med breed £32 Large breed £42 

Full Groom

Includes as above & full body cut i.e. Breed cut/short all over with use of Andis clippers

Small Breed £33 med breed £39 Large breed £49 

Low Shed

Use of tornado 93 blaster to remove all loose dead hair for up to 4 weeks

Small breed £31 Med breed £37 Large breed £42 


Nail Trim £12.50

Please note only the tips can be taken off if your pets nails are black, includes filing if needed.
During covid-19 pandemic all dogs that enter salon have to go directly into bath so can only offer bath and nail trim during the pandemic 

De-matting from £5 

This varies on time due to the severity of matts and your pets patience.

Classification of Dog size