Dog Grooming Services

Fully Qualified and Insured High quality grooming service

Assessment with client 
To establish how YOU would like your dog groomed. Discussion with owner to establish if their pet suffers any ailments or has any dislikes prior the grooming session. New customers I like to fill in a customer record card with there pets details & I like to see up to date vaccination records. 

De matt coats prior to bathing to ensure knot free
Can take considerable time depending on how matted the dog is. I brush out loose dead hair and matt’s prior bathing to prevent any knots tightening The customers consent is always obtained prior shaving a dog. 

Ear cleaning / Plucking
Ear plucking powder is used to gently remove fine hairs inside the ear which helps the ear breadth more easily & prevent ear infections I use an ear cleaning gel with essential oils that removes ear dirt & wax & leaves pets ears smelling clean & fresh 

Nail trimming
Dogs that are exercised regularly outdoors on abrasive surface will generally require less frequent nail clipping than those kept mainly in the house or walked on softer ground . Most pets benefit from having their nails clipped every four to six weeks as unkempt nails can present potential health problems & discomfort to your pet. I also check dew claws as these can potentially curve & grow back into the dog’s leg causing discomfort if not kept short .

Clipping / Feathering / Trimming coats
Professional clippers & a selection of blade sizes & combs available to suit owners choice of length of breed cut. The size range will leave coat from about half an inch long to almost 2 inches. A range of scissors for styling & thinning shears to blend the coat.

Bathing with high quality dog shampoo
A selection of shampoo & conditioner depending on coat type followed by doggy perfume or aftershave if required.

Use of tornado blaster dryer which has a multi speed & heat setting to accommodate for dogs who may be nervous of dryers.

Please note: all dogs are dryed by hand using a tornado dryer blaster that has several heat and speed settings to adjust to what ever your pet tolerates. No cage dryers are used and your pet has 100% of my attention during its grooming session.

Low shed
Use of dryer at high speed to blast loose dead undercoat & prevent moulting for up to 4 weeks.